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Why Is It So Hard To Stay Home Sick!

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Ok this us my 4th day home sick. I am improving daily and will probably return on Friday. My husband says I should just stay home the rest of the week. I have adequate sick leave, my job is not bothering me. Why do I have such a hard time staying home?  I guess it’s ingrained  in me from childhood and then reinforced as a doctor. My dad hardly ever missed a day of work. As a doctor we’re taught in training not to take days off. Being an intern is like pledging or boot camp for a year our taught not to miss work. Even if sick. You have to be sicker than your patients to stay home. I was having a really hard time with missing so many days this week until now. My doctor just called and said I have E.Coli. I don’t feel bad about staying home now.  Mainly because this is a serious illness in kids and I don’t want to give to kids.  I admit I will log in to tie up some loose ends I feel it’s easier for me to handle. I haven’t done this all week because I was anticipating going back Friday. I have next week off already which is a blessing. It will give me time to get back to normal. It’s so hard to make me sit still but this has really knocked me down. I’ve seriously been a cough potato not even on my laptop till last night. I wrote earlier post on my phone because I could do it lying down. I feeling better every day so don’t worry;)

Growing up in the clean plate club

I went to Brio today for lunch. It is a fabulous restaurant in he Sumerline area of Vegas. My dad gas been a Vegas resident for 15 years so we stay off the strip. The meal today reminded me of growing up. He didn’t eat much. He blames it on the fact that he is 86. He really has never been a big eater. He is an excellent cook and has always maintained his weight. My uncles on my mom’s side would always have plates pile high with food but not my dad. His joy came from watching you eat. Today at lunch my daughter told me she was full. My dad told her to eat a little more. My daughter looked at me because this isn’t something she is used to. I don’t urge her to finish all her food. We are flexible . As long as your eating healthy you can eat as little or as much as you want. My daughter is prone to homemade popcorn or fruit binges. She ate more and my dad literally cheered her on! “Good girl that’s my baby! ” . This brought me back to my childhood. I would get this from him as well as my grandma. It would make me smile and want to eat more. Thank goodness my child whispered to me “mom I can’t eat any more”. She didn’t want to disappoint grandpa. I’m glad she can do that. I am still working on that now. I’m not going to blame my dad for my poor eating habits. He taught me a lot of good ones. Such as eat slowly, savor every bite. Always eat your vegetables and eventually don’t eat too much. The latter he started when I gained weight. The habits we learn from are parents are life long ones. I still clean my plate but I use much smaller plates now. Working on mindful eating part of my plan. What is your plan for mindful eating.


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