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The Morning After

Old Bay Seasoning

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It’s the morning after. Great time had by all. My husband made great grilled salmon and did shrimp with Old Bay Seasoning on the grill. We had hot links,potato salad,green salad. When we do a backyard party I leave desserts to my friends. They didn’t disappoint. Dark chocolate cake, red velvet cake,chocolate dipped fruit. Dessert wine. How do I recover from this. I leave for a conference in DC on Friday. I think I’m going to work on maintaining this week. I want to get back on track today but my husband invited half the people back this afternoon;) wish me luck !

BBQ !!!

Backyard pool party at my house today! Will I eat healthy probably not! Oh well! I will have fun and be back on track tomorrow;)



Summertime is bad for weightloss

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Its Memorial Day  which means summer has begun. Most people pack on the pounds in the winter. I tend to pack them on in the summer. In the summer you get to exercise more. For me I get to party more. It seems every weekend is a party or a barbecue. If not barbecue it’s vacation. It’s hard to keep up with exercise and a challenge to eat healthy. Chips, dips, alcohol. I know there are lots of healthy choices but it’s hard! I bring my snack but a some point the mindless snacking that comes with social events kicks in! I’m not hungry. My husband says I’m bored. I don’t have an attention span for idle chatter. He plays dominoes at these events. The women sit around talk and eat. I will have to figure out my place because I spend too much time at these events not too.  I will have to plan better for the day. make sure I get my exercise in for the day, I have also started to avoid hard alcohol. It just takes to long to recover. My strategy for today is to bring my wine. Bring a healthy dish like the veggie tray and chew gum;) maybe I’ll blog, but I get accused of being anti social. That’s because I am!!!

Dragged out for dancing

Ok I’m out drinking! Really trying to blow the diet. I planned to stay home watch a movie , eat sushi and enjoy a glass of wine. My husband had other plans. Our friend is having a party at a local nightclub. He found a babysitter and here we are. Mind you I like going out every now and then. We had date night last week. Night clubbing can hit the calories. A tequila shot and the late night food add up. I’ll try to limit it to 2 drinks and when my husband wants to stop at nation burger. Ok I’ve Been told to put down the phone and have fun! Oh by the way I do have on my old jeans. Yeah!!!!

Boredom makes me eat!!

Boredom makes me eat! This has not been a great weekend for me eating healthy. Date night , take out ,then a way to long kids birthday party. Not to mention I didn’t work out because I worked as well as did  all these activities. I only planned to snack at the birthday party but this isn’t your average kids party. It was at the country club. They have good fancy food. Tortolini, prosciutto, sliders,red velvet cake. I was doing good but these dang waiters kept coming by. Then as the party dragged on and my child didn’t want to leave I started grazing. I can only smooze so much. I was not hungry. Just bored. It was a doctors party. I can only talk about work and kids so much. Then I walked around and ran into the country club bar. Wine was calling my name. I guess I deserve a weekend off. I will not feel guilty. I started right back on track at dinner. None of that, I already blew it crap! One good thing I noticed that my jeans are getting loose. All but the belly. That’s always the last to go.I  will have slip ups but I’m going to lose weight and keep it off.

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