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I’m Lost!

I’m lost. I hate to join the bandwagon on childhood obesity but It’s crazy. The sad thing is I don’t know what to do about. It. Weight loss is something you have to do for yourself. I can’t make you do it. You have to want to do it or in my case you have to want to make your child do it. I had a 278 lb 12 y/o female today. Mom told me they eat healthy and have dieted  but she gained 18 pounds in the past year. I will check labs but I know that only accounts for a few of those pounds not the 100 plus she needs to lose. I am met with excuses constantly. Just today alone. “I can’t make them eat healthy”, “I have a day care and that means I have a lot of  bag snacks around”, “I have too much homework”. “I told them they eat too much” this is from the parent easily weighing 300 pounds. I can offer classes, web sites, a personal health coach nutrition consult but I can’t be the angel on your  shoulder telling you how to raise your kid or what to eat for every meal. I’m trying to lead by example. I have pictures of me exercising with my child in my exam room. I know my weight is a problem and I know why. It’s a constant battle I acknowledge. I admit its not easy but we have to be willing to at least start. I just want my patients  and parents to realize its something they need to really work on.  The future depends on it. Ok I’m done griping.


One thing I love about my job is our employee wellness program.  LIVE WELL BE WELL is our motto.We are encouraged to eat healthy and exercise. They schedule events throughout the year to encourage these activities. We have health fairs, walking at lunch groups,cooking and  art classes. We had a fitness test today. They do this about once or twice a year.  Its kind of cool. They check your weight, blood pressure and fitness. You even get a lovely water bottle for attending. I really wanted to go this year. I was the first one there:). I’ve worked hard at improving everything. I’m so excited to say that I did  improve in almost all the test. My Body Fat is down from 43% to 35%.  My Blood Pressure was  130/80  and is down to 118/70. My post exercise heart rate is down to 82 from 116. I need to work on my flexibility but oh well can’t fix it all at once.  Does your job support your health and fitness? Mine does:)

Twitter: A New Weight Loss World

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Wow! I just signed up for Twitter this week. I always thought. I can’t tweet! I’m surprised at the whole new world. I still don’t tweet my routine stuff but for weight loss , food and fitness. It’s the bomb. I have so many  web sites and links to follow.  I posted about coconut oil the other day in my blog. I am now convinced to try it.  See who I follow.

  • EatFatGetFit– Randy Chang has convinced me to try coconut oil. He has a web site also. I love the recipes
  • The Gracious Pantry- good recipes and advice on clean eating
  • craigballantyne and Sharefitness- great workout advise and motivation
  • Foodiemcbody- a local blogger who is on the same journey that I am 🙂

This is a new world so Cool! Follow me on Twitter @Drkayloses

Fat2fit Radio Homework for Weightloss

My favorite podcast is fat2fit radio. Now they have power tips. I like this show because it helps you get through the process of losing weight. It’s not an easy task. I have wanted to give up many times. It was their idea to blog. The homework this week ” Come up with a list of  5 things, that you could be in control of ,if you really wanted to, that will affect your weight and fitness level. 5 things that I am in control of mmm?  I think the number 1 thing is the choices I make about eating. I bring my lunch to work. I was eating Quiznos or something equally horrible. This also takes the stress off of “what will I have for lunch”. Number 2 what goes into my mouth. Work again. People are always trying to feed me. You think because I work for a health organization it would be easy but no. We get rewarded with Cold Stone,Jamba Juice or Pizza. I just have to say no! Number 3 working out is up to me. I am in control of that. No one else can work out for me. I have to make the time. Number 4 stress. I can’t eliminate stress but I can help control how I react to it. Eating is not the answer. Number 5 relaxation. I have leaned to say no to extra activity and things that cause stress in my life. What 5 things are you in control of? Do your home work it helps.


Pool Workout For Weightloss


You don’t have to swim laps to get your workout on in the pool! I’m a working mom and have to get my workout in when I can. Where I live its 97 degrees in the shade. Our backyard pool has been my savior. I can play with my kid and work out. I did this on my recent vacation and decided to continue this week. its a nice change of pace. I warm up by treading water then alternate resistance training with cardio. My waterproof watch helps me keep time. You can use water weights but a noodle or pool ball will do. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

My Workout

  • warm up 5 min tread water 2 minutes, Butt kickers 2 minutes, jumping jacks 1 minute
  • lateral arm raises, front arm raise hammer curls and dips for 2 minutes (about 30 each)
  • cardio 2 minutes – jumping jacks,but kickers
  • squats and lunges on pool stairs 1 minute
  • I repeat x 3 then I swim laps last 5 minutes

Bmr? I’m puzzled

Ok I get that I need to know my bmr to figure out how many calories I need. Lots of web sites have Bmr calculators. My problem is figuring out my activity level. I know I’m not sedentary but am I active or light active. I’m on my feet daily but sit at my desk at times. I don’t want to add my exercise calories I want to do that separate. On myfittnesspal.com it gives examples of a nurse or mailman. If I was a nurse it would be 1550 or something like that, a mailman 1700 something. I’m a doctor. I think I move more that my nurse because I work in an office. I have patients scheduled all the time. If I was hospital then no I don’t move that much. I get 1800 cals with fat2fitradio bmr calculator. How do I know what is right? Help? I wish I had one if those body buggs or fit bitsthings but I wouldn’t use it all the time. I would just want to borrow one. I could do trial & error. I guess that’s what I’m doing now. I was at lower setting and scale slowed. I then increased calories and weight went down again. Now stuck but I admit I haven’t been eating my calories. It’s all so confusing! Help! What ever happened to eat less exercise more. No one ever tells you about the fine line of eating to little or too much. If anyone has good ideas let me know 😉

Fast Weight loss

I ‘ve  lost about 15 pounds in the past 4 1/2 months. That is really slow but I’m working on it.  That’s another post .People are beginning to notice and will comment as well as tell me their weight lost. One recent comment “I lost 15 lbs in a month” irked me a little. I wanted to yell “That’s too much! Your just going to gain it back.” That would have been rude, even though it might have been truthful. Instead I asked “how’d you do that?” I did get the response one of those elimination diets. I just told them oh well keep up the good work. I’m not in to dispensing weight loss advise unless asked. Who know’s? It might work for them. I know it didn’t work for me. I’ve been there and done that and gained it all back plus some. I’m trying to make some long-lasting changes. Weight loss is not my only goal. I’m trying to get fit and build muscle. I wish my weight loss was faster but it’s not and I will have to deal with that. For now I will keeping going on my path. If asked I will tell people how, but I’m not up to defending the slow steady process. Starvation diets and developing bad eating habits is not the path I choose.

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