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Why am I Losing Weight?

Wow I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. This is surprising! I was sick but I’ve been fine these past 2 weeks, Have I broken my plateau? Is it the kale? I’ve added kale as my new favorite veggie. I’m puzzled!
I’m not counting calories. I’m actually not doing any formal exercise until today. I have been remodeling a bedroom last week and working like crazy this week. Why do I lose weight when I’m not trying but have a hard time when I’m trying too? I think I will never know! I’ll just keep eating healthy and exercising.

Slow weight loss

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Ok the scale isn’t budging again. It did this a few weeks ago then I upped my calories. I lost 3 lbs and now not budging again. I will admit I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my calories. I don’t eat enough or I have a lot left over in the evening. I’ve been told eating in the evening shouldn’t matter but I don’t know. One day I had 50% of my calories left after my afternoon snack. I need to plan my day better. I’ve also decided to see how not focusing on the scale works for me. I took my measurements and pictures. I will compare them with new ones in 2 weeks. I exercise and do weights. I know this can make the scale take a little longer to go down. Initially I was not going to exercise outside of my tai kwon do but I need to get stronger for my tkd. I’m doing Jump kicks this requires more strength. Exercise also keeps me motivated. I can see the changes the weights are making. This blogging thing helps. Writing all this down makes me see the scale isn’t my main goal. I usually would have quit about now. I did this two years ago and quite. It helps to have a goal besides my weight. My black belt is my other goal. I’ll keep you posted on my measurements.

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