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Is Frozen Food Healthy?

I’m trying to stay on track. The sumner weekends are rough! I try to eat healthy on weekends but so many parties and events. I’m even having hard time during the week. This past week I have bought a frozen meal for lunch everyday. I had been making my lunch for a while but these past few weeks I’ve been in the “this us better than nothing role” I know I can make a healthier more satisfying lunch but! That’s the problem no buts. I did it before and I can do it again. Frozen food usually has too much salt and too many carbs. I try to stick to healthy brands with whole grains. Today’s lunch is Kashi Red Curry Chicken. I will probably add a hand full of nuts. I wish I had thrown in a cup or two of spinach. Well tomorrow I will start again. The important part is not give up. Do you have a favorite frozen meal ?



Salt! Can I Handle The New Dietary Guidelines?

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Salt! I never realized how much salt is in food. I decided to check my sodium intake when the surgeon general came out with new dietary guidelines for sodium in our diets. I was already monitoring calories, fat, carbs , protein and fiber as well as calcium and vitamin D. What’s one more.
The guidelines released in February recommend daily sodium intake of less than 2,300 mg and 1,500 mg among persons who are 51 and older and those of any age who are African-American or have hypertension, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease. The 1,500 mg recommendation applies to about half of the U.S. population, including children, and the majority of adults.
I was already planning to lower my salt intake one-day because most of my older family members suffer from hypertension. I figured its time to get a jump-start on that. I started tracking my salt and realized I wasn’t even meeting the old guidelines (2400 mg) let alone new ones. 1500 is roughly half a tsp a day. Haha I was probably adding that at breakfast and not even counting it.
First ,I put up the salt shaker next to stove and at table. Next I looked at what I was eating. I must admit I have relied on frozen meals for lunch. It’s quick, good variety. Why not? Hit the breaks! I could not believe how much salt is in frozen food and soup.
It’s even in stuff we don’t think of. Breakfast cereal,chocolate milk
The basic take on salt is to read the labels. Just because it a healthy food doesn’t mean it’s low in sodium.Watch out for soups and frozen food. Some of my favorite brands Amy’s and Kashi have high sodium if im trying to keep it at 1500 mg a day. Amy’s has a few low sodium options. The best thing is to start making my food. That leads me to the next topic clean eating. For now I’ll look at the sodium on the label. It’s just as important as the rest!!
Just an update it’s been two weeks. I’ve been pretty good to getting down to about 1900 mg to 2400 mg. 1500 mg is a stretch. I still forget to look at sodium on the label;)

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