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My Electronic Leash

Is my iPhone keeping from losing weight? Do I spend to much time on my phone? This question was bought up by my husband. I was looking for my phone yesterday. He said what would you do if I took the phone & the laptops out of the house. I thought about it and said I would probably last half an hour but then I would have to leave the house. I’m not a tv person. I’m actually not a phone person but I use my iPod for so many things. I keep in contact with friends via Facebook and texting. If I’m exercising I use my iPod for music or my Nike app. If I’m cleaning the house I listen to a audiobook or podcast. The same for cooking or chilling in the bath tub. I read books on my phone. The last thing I actually use it for is talking. I do think I spend too much time with my electronics. I try to be mindful and make sure I get my activity in. I try not to sit for to long surfing the net. These are my challenges that I will continue to work on. I guess I need to spend more time with my husband. I have a question. What would he do if I took all the TV’s out of the house?

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