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Portion size! So important

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I think I will forever weight or measure my food. I’m just not good at estimating. I’ve done this for months. I think I’ve got a good handle on it. Not! This morning I’m making my Oatmeal. McCann’s Instant Irish Oatmeal. I wasn’t an oatmeal girl but I love it now. All my measuring cups were dirty(I really need to remember to turn on dishwasher) so I used a small cup. For some reason I thought it measured 1/2 a cup. So I made my oatmeal and even though it seemed a lot more than normal. I ate it all! I was raised to be a clean the plate type of girl. I thought, I should check that cup after I ate and was surprised it was 1 cup. Wow double what I thought. So much for estimating. The bad thing was I knew it was too much. I didn’t have to eat the bowl. I’m still working on the clean plate thing. I have no problem at a restaurant but home is a major problem. I like my cooking what can I say. So from now on I might look crazy but I’m using my scale and measuring cups.

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