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I’m Back

Ok that was a long break. I’m not sure I’m back to blogging on a regular basis. We will see. What I neglected to say in my last post is my 86 y/o father committed suicide . I can do a whole blog on that! I’m still in my I don’t want to talk about it phase! We were very close so it’s has been painful and peaceful all at the same time. Peaceful because I believe he is not in pain anymore.
Now back to my weight loss. I’ve had a plateau for a while but now I can say I have lost more weight. I’m down 35 lbs since I started this journey. It’s not because I’m not eating. Usually I gain when stressed. I gained 50 lbs after my mom died. Still doing tai kwon do. Testing for brown advance next week. Yeah me! This has been a great stress reliever for me. Still dairy free. I had a latte last week that I thought was soy and it wasn’t. Oh wow! I blew my family out the bedroom with the gas from that.
I cut down on gluten but can’t say I’m gluten free. I avoid gluten free products for the most part just adding more beans, nuts and seeds to diet. I can feel the difference. I ate a biscuit the other day and I was hungry all day. Well that’s my update. Please no comments on my fathers death, grief etc. I seriously don’t want to talk about it;)

Time is Something I’m Taking Back!

Time is a major stress factor for me. I don’t have time to do everything! That is not new. I’ve never had time to do everything I wanted to do . The thing that has changed is I no longer try. We live in an age where we are easily accessible. Cell phones have only increased our stress level. I looked at my life the past year and made myself less available. I don’t answer every call or text. I have telephone free time. I turned off the notification for text message. Only two relatives have an audible notification. For the most part I keep my ringer off.  I don’t use my ear piece so I don’t talk while driving. I no longer give out my home number . I’ve done that for years because well-meaning people think you want to talk to them about there child’s fever in the middle of the night even if you’re not their doctor. I don’t! My job loves to schedule lunch meetings. Some are important some are not. I no longer feel obligated to go to  every meeting. Send me an email! I don’t need a chit-chat session about the future of medicine. I’d rather be outside walking or finishing my charts so I can go home on time. I’ve let go of many social or work obligations. No, I do not want to work extra even for money. Fortunately I can do that . I’m taking my time back! This may seem selfish to some. So be it. I never had the power to make everyone happy so at least I can work on making me and my immediate family happier by having uninterrupted family time.  Take back your time . Do it for you! What are you doing to manage your time?

Stress & Women’s Health

I’m still conventioning. Today I went to the Women’s Health section. The morning focused on reproductive health over 40. Thank goodness I don’t want another child because the results of the studies for over 40 are dismal. The rest of the morning focused on obesity & stress. They payed particular attention to women physicians and how we take care of our selves. We need to take care of ourselves to take care of others. This is a general principle for all women. Some of the solutions were to realize women need women. The Gaston Portor Group has 12 week sister circles where women focus on stress and obesity. Another group on Detroit formed DOCSS. It’s a female Christian doctor group that meets to have fun,fellowship and food. I also enjoyed a talk by Dr Carol Scott of Optimal Stress. It was great to be in the company of my peers talking about how we can help ourselves for a change rather than a patient. As female doctors we tend to forget ourselves. Putting God first and me second before all others is my new motto. It sounds selfish but if I don’t take care of myself I can’t take care of others.

Spark People 31 Daily Tips for July: I got work to do!

Spark people puts out a month calendar with tips on how to learn a new skill over a month. Things like eat healthier, exercise and this month stress less. When I read this months on stress I was like ok I’ve heard all of this before. I then told myself look at it really and see what you can change. I’ve been under a lot of stress. I would say just lately but I think it’s just the theme of my life. It seems one thing after another but I thank the Lord he always gets me through. I do need to stress a little less. I guess the thing would be to pick the recommendation for the day and practice it but I wouldn’t do it. I picked a few things I know I need to work on.

  • Just breath It’s recommended to take 10 full breaths to calm yourself down. I really need to practice this. It will prevent a really foul comment that I probably really mean from coming out of my mouth.
  • Don’t multitask as a working mom I find this impossible to do at work but I am trying to do this at home. I try to focus on my kid at home. I limit my calls to family members. Try not to bring work home. I find if I do too much I burn dinner.
  • Get a massage– At the beginning of the year I planned to put this on my schedule once a month. I made it twice in 6 months. I can do better.
  • Let go of the past – I find this hard to do with a few family members. I actually forget but get burned again. I will have to work on that. My sister and I both think we are the normal one and the other needs therapy.
  • Stay present – This is a big one for me. I need to focus on the here and now instead of worrying how I’m going to handle the future. When I do this I tell myself Philippians 4: 6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. I need to keep repeating this some days way more than I do now.

Now time to make that hot stone massage appointment;)

Not going to binge!

The reason I keep this blog is to keep myself in check. I’m finally off after working 8 days. It’s Friday and I usually would be heading for Wingstop or Pizza! Not today. I’m not going to let fatigue and frustration make me eat bad. I’m settling for a glass of Kombucha (my new drink) and salad with fresh mozzarella , sundried tomatoes , chicken and olives 😉 so much easier on my tummy. I love to document how my lifestyle is changing !

Fat2fit Radio Homework for Weightloss

My favorite podcast is fat2fit radio. Now they have power tips. I like this show because it helps you get through the process of losing weight. It’s not an easy task. I have wanted to give up many times. It was their idea to blog. The homework this week ” Come up with a list of  5 things, that you could be in control of ,if you really wanted to, that will affect your weight and fitness level. 5 things that I am in control of mmm?  I think the number 1 thing is the choices I make about eating. I bring my lunch to work. I was eating Quiznos or something equally horrible. This also takes the stress off of “what will I have for lunch”. Number 2 what goes into my mouth. Work again. People are always trying to feed me. You think because I work for a health organization it would be easy but no. We get rewarded with Cold Stone,Jamba Juice or Pizza. I just have to say no! Number 3 working out is up to me. I am in control of that. No one else can work out for me. I have to make the time. Number 4 stress. I can’t eliminate stress but I can help control how I react to it. Eating is not the answer. Number 5 relaxation. I have leaned to say no to extra activity and things that cause stress in my life. What 5 things are you in control of? Do your home work it helps.


Feeling Better ! I will not let anxiety get me down.

I eventually fell asleep not before driving myself crazy. Its been a long time since I felt like that! I do realize I’ve got a lot of stuff going on and I have feuded with my sister all weekend. She will suck the life out of you if you let her. That’s the key. I will be limiting my relationship with her . It has become all stress. I went to see my Doctor. She’s only across the hall.  I wanted to have anti-anxiety meds just to have on hand. I still have 10 expired tabs from years ago. I worked today and actually feel good. I even did weights today. I’ve haven’t decided to take meds tonight . I will see how I feel. I’m fasting for labs in the morning.Cholesterol,lipids,vitamin D &  thryoid stimulating hormone. Just making sure everything is up to snuff. I  haven’t had labs since 07. I don’t like routine labs. I will refuse to go on cholesterol meds. vitamin D and thyroid of course I will do if needed. My last glucose was 103 which is pre-diabetic. I have lost weight since then so we will see what the new results will be. Sometimes the doctor has to get herself taken care of.

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