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Help! Summer is here;)

Help summer time is here! Ok it’s technically spring but I live in California. The back yard parties are in full swing. The wine & tequila are flowing. Not to mention chips & dip. You would think summer time means more exercise and lighter meals but not for me. It means it will be too hot to due anything by July. If you don’t exercise in the morning forget it until 7 pm. Lucky for me Thai Kwon Do is at 7:30. It also means I must practice mindful eating especially at all these parties I plan to attend this summer. I love to party. I’ve lost 35 lbs in this journey. It’s slow but it’s not a race. I plan in loosing 20 more pounds. I will not let summer stop me. It on now ! Me vs summer.


First Day Of School – A New Beginning

It’s a new beginning for me. My daughter starts school today. We are one of the few schools that start after Labor Day. It signals the end of the summer and for me a chance to get back on track. Summer was hard for me to lose weight.  I did end up losing 8 lbs .  So I’m not complaining. I know what my problems were. I go to too many backyard parties that involve , chips dip and drinking.  I traveled a lot also. You would think I exercised more in the summer but not where I live. I live in the desert. It’s too hot in the summer to exercise as much as I would like to.  Its 90 today and the news is talking about the record cool summer. I don’t even want to go outside, let alone exercise. Now with cooler temperatures I want to start my running program. I’m more focused with my schedule and can’t travel as much with my child in school. We will see if the weight loss increases. If not its ok. As long as I’m losing I’m winning.




It’s to hot to cook! The air is broke at work & it’s seriously 100 degrees outside. I’m not cooking. My family is not liking my summer salad idea. That’s ok. They will have fatty greasy Popeye’s chicken and I will make a great salad with left over BBQ chicken. I did cook Sunday – Wed so I don’t feel bad. Popeye’s does have veggies. I wish I could tell you I’m about to cool off but I have Tae Kwon Do tonight. Testing tomorrow. Stay cool;)

Summer Menu for Weight Loss

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I’m looking for ideas for the summer. I live in a hot part of Northern California. It gets in the hundreds out here. The last thing I want to do is turn on the oven. I like to grill but I burned myself last summer just touching the grill. It wasn’t even on;(. My husband says salads. Ok but I need good salads. I’m not a salad eating babe. I envision a healthy shrimp Louie salad, crab and avocado salad, greek salad. Ok ,now I see this can work for a minute.  Check out Cook This Not That! cookbook. They have a salad matrix. I saw green monster salad dressing on fitandfortysomething.com. This reminds me of college. I lost 30 pounds my last  semester of college. It was kind of like the Jared diet. My boyfriend worked at a pita sandwich shop and I ate pita sandwiches with chicken and olive oil for 2 meals a day. This is getting me excited. Pita Sandwich, I hope I can remember how he made them. They were so good. I’ve already started my smoothies. I’ve seen so many green monster smoothie recipes that will call for a post all buy it self. Well ,I’m off to plan my summer menu. This looks like fun! I would love to hear your summer menu plans.




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