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Brown Belt Testing

Kick Butt Girls!!

My daughter and I test for our brown belts in Tae Kwon Do tomorrow.

  • Running Jump Front Kick – Check
  • Running Jump Round House Kick- Check
  • Running Jump Back Leg Side Kick – Check
  • Palgwe 1-5 with #5 having  35 movements I just have to pray on that one;)
  • 1 steps 1-5 check
  • Sparring – Check

97 degree temp estimate at the time of testing Oh Lord I’m going to fry!

Wish us luck. I just have to keep my “I GOT This!” attitude.

No brown belt testing today:(

Las Vegas, Nevada, at night

Image by Michael Ransburg via Flickr

Ok I was already and psyched for  brown belt testing today.  Ok let me not lie to you.  I hurt my back on Monday and I was dreading testing today! Its better but I’m not sure it was going to stand up to testing. I was going to try anyway. That is not why I’m not testing. There was a death in my  Tae Kwon Do Instructors family. Grandpa  Keki passed away. Testing has been postponed until next week. I will be on vacation in lovely Las Vegas next week so I will not be able to test until next month.  My condolences to the Aranda/Reed family. I do understand the loss of a parent and grandparent all to well. Now its time to pack for Vegas. I know a trip to SIN City sounds fun but I’m going to see my 85 y/o dad. Don’t get me wrong I will have some adult fun squeezed in. I will also have a 9 y/o hangout with me. I will be blogging from Vegas tomorrow. What fun! Can I stay healthy in Vegas? We will see.

Tae Kwon Do at 40 something! Crazy but fun:)

my daughter and I testing sparring gear

I started Tae Kwon Do  at 41. I can’t believe I’m about to test for my brown belt. I’m not the most athletic person but I love to fight. It’s a great stress reliever to go punch and kick after a hard day at work. My daughter and I do it together. We are in different classes because of age group but we test together. It’s getting harder as the belts increase. I now do jump kicks and have to remember 5 forms. Palgwe 5 is currently kicking my butt as is back leg side jump kick. I need to increase my cardio endurance .Yesterday I had to do one on one sparring. I usually spar for 2-3 minutes in a group but one on one with people judging the match was hard. Did I mention I was sparring teenage boys and adult men. I am often the only girl in class 😦 but I don’t let it stop me.This is my new  motivation to lose weight. A simple event or dress just doesn’t work for me but a life long sport or activity does work. I also thinks its fun because a lot of my patients are in the same TKD school. It’s cool to see your doctor out there running and jumping. I love to cheer my patients on during testing. Some days I feel like the tin man when class

I"m getting close to black!

starts. My knees kill me but during sparring I’m like what knee. Being fit at 40 makes me feel young. What motivates you to exercise? Testing is Friday. I’ll keep you posted. Now to practice. Palgwe 5 has 35 movements!

Exercise is my new drug!

I love to exercise. Many people think I just started this latest weight loss battle in January. Not! I actually started last year. I last lost weight for my 20 year college reunion. I lost about 25 lbs. My goal was 40. After the reunion I gained weight. I’m glad to say not all of it but enough of it. I slacked off exercise & eating habits. I signed up for tae kwon do by accident. I went to sign up my daughter and was talked in to a 10 week special. Next thing I know I’ve signed a two-year contract. I did change some eating habits but I wanted to see if I could lose weight without counting calories. You can, I just wasn’t paying that much attention or planning. I did maintain my weight which was great. I had now made exercise a habit. Now if I don’t exercise I feel restless. I need to get those endorphins! I don’t exercise daily but usually 5-6 days a week. I started gradually and then it just became habit. My regimen now includes tae kwon do 2-3 times a week , weights plus cardio 2 days a week and just cardio one day. Cardio is mainly my spinning bike. I have bad knees and put enough stress on them doing my jump kicks. I will eventually have to jog for my black belt but I want to lose more weight and put less stress on my knees. I do Podrunner intervals couch to 5k on my bike. I do kettle bells usually with Jillian Michals Shred -It with Weights or use them with my Nike Training Club app. Both incorporate a little cardio with weights. If I do anything on the 7th day its yoga or tai chi. Well time to get those endorphins;)

Slow weight loss

Pictograms of Olympic sports - Taekwondo. This...

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Ok the scale isn’t budging again. It did this a few weeks ago then I upped my calories. I lost 3 lbs and now not budging again. I will admit I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my calories. I don’t eat enough or I have a lot left over in the evening. I’ve been told eating in the evening shouldn’t matter but I don’t know. One day I had 50% of my calories left after my afternoon snack. I need to plan my day better. I’ve also decided to see how not focusing on the scale works for me. I took my measurements and pictures. I will compare them with new ones in 2 weeks. I exercise and do weights. I know this can make the scale take a little longer to go down. Initially I was not going to exercise outside of my tai kwon do but I need to get stronger for my tkd. I’m doing Jump kicks this requires more strength. Exercise also keeps me motivated. I can see the changes the weights are making. This blogging thing helps. Writing all this down makes me see the scale isn’t my main goal. I usually would have quit about now. I did this two years ago and quite. It helps to have a goal besides my weight. My black belt is my other goal. I’ll keep you posted on my measurements.


I’m doing homework wow! Sparkpeople.com has a great series Mind Over Body. It’s a 10 part series that discusses weight loss. I recommend it for everyone. Wether you want to lose weight or help someone else lose. The link for this is http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellness_articles.asp?id=695. I’m writing my vision statement tonight. This is really powerful. Why do you really want to lose weight? Is losing weight really your goal? I never thought if it that way. I guess the number on the scale isn’t the important thing. I must admit my reason for wanting to lose weight is different from when I was younger. Before I wanted to look cute and fit in cute clothes. Now I still want to look nice but now I really want to avoid diabetes. I want to stay youthful and be active.  I want to avoid aches and pains that are improving now that I’m exercising on a regular basis.  I want to keep up with my child. I want to be a good role model for my patients.

The article recommends asking yourself how you want to look in 1 year,5 years etc. In 1 year I want to be able to test for my red belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I want higher kicks. I want to break boards.  I want to get rid of the chicken fat on my arms and my double chin. In 5 years I want to have  had my black belt in tae Kwon do for a few years.

The article also recommends  that your Vision Statement should tell you what else (besides your weight) needs to change within yourself and your life to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. That’s a hard one. I’m where I want to be in life. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor ,wife and mom or do I? I definitely want to be the mom and wife . The doctor thing I need to think about.

Get a healthy partner

Getting our blue belts

I have an unusual partner in health. My 9 y/o daughter. She has become my new motivator . She’s my exercise buddy, my assistant chef.  She says she likes mommy squishy but it would be good if I was a little smaller. She is learning about healthy eating at school and shares her health tips with me. She actually eats pretty good for a kid.  She helps me make my lunch and evening snack. We try new recipes together.  If she doesn’t like it she tells me “its ok for you to eat it mom because its healthy”.  We both take Tae Kwon do and are  blue belts. We love to kick each other around the house. Our new favorite exercise is Nike Training Club App on my iPhone.  It’s an awesome app. It has several workouts involving cardio and weights. She will ask can we work out together even if she has done Tae Kwon do for the day. If I’m tired she says oh mom you can do it. Its fun.Tonight she asked me to wait until she finished her homework so we can work out together.  We take walks in the neighborhood and ride our bikes and don’t even get me started on Kinect. I couldn’t ask for a better motivator. She motivates me in several ways. Trying to keep up with a 9 y/o is hard. I don’t want to watch from the sidelines I want to be an active mom. She encourages me to be healthy and makes me want to be healthy so I can spend my years with her. Everyone should have a partner in health. I thank God for mine.

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