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Coconut Oil: Ok I’m trying it!

I wrote about my coconut oil confusion a few days ago. I have since joined Twitter and been bombarded with post on coconut oil. Enough already I’m trying it.  I reviewed several articles and learned I need to use virgin unrefined coconut oil.   That means my daughter’s popcorn oil doesn’t count. I will have to try our homemade popcorn with my new oil. I’ve  learned of nonfood uses. Use it for your hair and Skin. I tried it with my eggs and it didn’t taste like coconut. Yeah! I was a little worried about that. I picked Kelapo brand. No particular reason. I  was at Whole Foods and looked at price for what I wanted. I’m still curious because Fooducate only gives coconut oil a and recommends Olive oil and Canola oil. I will keep you posted on my experience. I look forward to trying new recipes! I saw some good ones on Kelapo’s blog  http://coconutoilcooking.com/.

Twitter: A New Weight Loss World

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Wow! I just signed up for Twitter this week. I always thought. I can’t tweet! I’m surprised at the whole new world. I still don’t tweet my routine stuff but for weight loss , food and fitness. It’s the bomb. I have so many  web sites and links to follow.  I posted about coconut oil the other day in my blog. I am now convinced to try it.  See who I follow.

  • EatFatGetFit– Randy Chang has convinced me to try coconut oil. He has a web site also. I love the recipes
  • The Gracious Pantry- good recipes and advice on clean eating
  • craigballantyne and Sharefitness- great workout advise and motivation
  • Foodiemcbody- a local blogger who is on the same journey that I am 🙂

This is a new world so Cool! Follow me on Twitter @Drkayloses

Do You!

I thought peer pressure swas dead by the time you reached 40.  I have had pressure from both sides over the past week. I have been encouraged to eat and drink more and less this week. I have decided no hard alcohol for the summer.  Vodka  and  Tequila are not my friends anymore. I don’t like the way I feel the next day. I don’t have time for a hangover and getting it is not as fun as it used to be. My passion  is martial arts and cooking.  Right now I prefer a good night sleep over staying up late drinking. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good glass of wine and good food. I do. Just in moderation. On the other hand I had a discussion in whole foods with a raw food person. I can do some raw food but don’t make me feel like I’m going to hell if I don’t go whole hog or should that be leaf.

My point of this post is DO YOU! What ever it is. My husband is watching over my shoulder . He is amazed at the blogging thing. He calls me a techogeek and he is a dinosaur. He just got a i phone and won’t put music on it yet.  He burns cd’s? We are as different as we can be on lots of things but we appreciate the differences.  He loves that I do me! So when your making changes don’t cave in to peer pressure. One of my new Twitter friends posted craigballantyne (@craigballantyne)
7/7/11 3:52 AM
The life we lead is because of the choices we make. If we want our lives to change, we have to take responsibility for the world we create.
I say DO YOU!

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