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Crab East Coast Style!

Ok I’m getting my crab on. I don’t normally do potato chips but I have to get my crab chips Utz are only sold ok the east coast. I use to live on these! I only had a little. I saved room for my streamed crab with Old Bay seasoning. Mmm!



Airport Food: So Many Choices


Ok I’m live blogging from terminal 2 at SFO! I usually fly out of Oakland so this is a treat. This place is awesome. It’s like a museum ,shopping mall and food court all in one. It’s only 7am! I’m not used to so many choices. I settled on The Plant. Chicken apple sausage and egg on whole wheat english muffin. They even had organic cane sugar for my coffee. Stay tuned. I think this will be a what I ate Friday while traveling day. Pppo


Vegas Vacation Workout!

You can workout on Vacation without going to the icky gym. If you have a kid it’s even better. My daughter wants to spend the day in the pool. I decided to take advantage of that. I could have laid by the pool & ate and drank. That would be lots of calories and not fun. Don’t get me wrong I did eventually have a drink and shrimp avocado ceviche but that was after 2 hours in the pool. We played volleyball ,basketball and I used a noodle thing for resistance training. We raced and dunked each other under water. I was exhausted when I got out. I finally convinced her to play with the other kids in the pool. She stayed in another two hours. I have a pool at home. I have to remember that on really hot days it’s a great way to exercise. I don’t use my pool nearly as much as I should. Do you have any favorite pool exercises?


Vegas – Trying To Eat Clean In SIn City

Vegas Vacation

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Let’s me start by saying I have on my jeans that were getting pretty tight and not at all comfy! Well they are now comfy again. I’m down about 13 lbs. It took me two weeks to recover from my Vegas trip.
For me it’s not your usual Vegas Vacation. I go to Vegas with my 9 y/o daughter every other month. We go to visit my 85 y/o dad. He’s widowed and lives in an assisted living facility. We still stay in a hotel on the strip and yes I still eat ,drink  and shop!  Those are my favorite things to do in Vegas. I’m not a gambler.
If I can eat at my dads  it would be great. It’s senior food. Small portions low-fat and salt. It’s actually quite good but he wants to get out and eat somewhere else. So in comes Mimi’s, Dave’s Famous & the Steak House. Luckily no buffet this time. He buffed out.
I did plan as well as I could. We usually stay in Vadara it’s a non casino hotel at the City Center. It’s supposed to be a time share but since the economy is bad they just made it a hotel. It has a fridge, stove top and microwave. So I buy breakfast to eat. The problem is the places my dad picks and the late night eating and drinking with my cousins.
I did great the first  two days. The hotel has a gym but I had work outs on my phone. I know I can’t eat healthy all the time but since this is a frequent trip for me I need to at least try to keep some of the days under control. The last night I went to Julian Serrano’s in The Aria. It’s a Spanish tapas place. It was definitely worth the wait! Adios:)

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