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Kids Cooking

Ok I’m still on my kids & veggie thing. One way you can get kids to eat veggies is to let them cook them. My daughter loves veggies. She’s learning to cook them. Our favorite way to cook spinach is to sauté fresh spinach in a little low sodium chicken broth. We just add a salt & pepper. I now enlist my daughter to make it. If I’m making just for me. I add sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and scallions. I didn’t eat spinach as a kid but now it’s my go to veggie. You can eat it raw or cooked. I add it to sandwiches, eggs now smoothies. How do you like to your spinach ?


4 years old’s don’t eat vegetables & other stange things I hear at work!

I understand if your child doesn’t eat vegetables. I really don’t, but don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I suggest that your child should be eating vegetables. I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a pediatrician. I see patients birth to 18. I had a mom tell me today when I asked about her child’s diet. “4 y/o’s don’t eat vegetables . Yes they do! I’m not saying they eat every veggie out there but they do eat them. In fact some love them. We recommend you offer them daily. They will eventually eat them. I often ask parents what veggies they eat? “Well I don’t like them either” is often the response. Be a model of good eating habits. Eat them your self.
Another favorite of mine is “all she eats is junk ! “Chips  and cookies”. She’s 5! Who’s buying them? I think if these are the excuses we make for kids then they have no help.  He doesn’t have time to exercise he has to much homework. Wow! Life is never going to get any easier for a kid! What excuses do we make for our selves? I’m not perfect but I’m trying to be done with excuses. I’ve made my share of excuses but its over now. Ok I only calmed down a little from yesterday. I’m not bingeing but I’m not back to my usual cheery self. I will be, just need a few days. Cooking! maybe that will help:)

Farmers Market

I love it when the farmers market starts! We have the best vegetables near our town. I live in Central California and we grow everything. Beans, almond,fruit. Today I picked up bok choi. I cut it up steam in wok with low sodium chicken broth. I added a little salt and pepper and it’s on. My daughter gave me a thumbs up. I bought fava beans also. I found a great recipe. I will have them for lunch tomorrow. I found a great recipe.



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