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Yeah! Glucose down!!

Yeah my labs are back.  I not a big fan of lab test. I get the frequent request for diabetes testing in overweight children. It is recommended to test children over the age of 10 with a BMI >95%. I don’t mind testing the problem comes when no change is made and people are want to test at frequent intervals. If labs are normal we test every 2 years. This is for children. I confess I do not know what the recommendations for testing in adults. Parents often ask ” can we test again? I want to make sure they don’t get diabetes?”  We can test again but is that going to prevent diabetes or is it just going to reassure you that your family doesn’t need to make a change as long as your labs are normal? I haven’t tested my blood in a few years. I know what the symptoms for diabetes are and that I didn’t have them. I decided I wouldn’t test again until I made a change. This is not what I recommend for you to do. Do what your doctor tell’s you to do. Since January I have made a life style  change. My glucose is down to 97. It was at 103 which in the prediabetic phase. My cholesterol is now 197 and it was 215. I see that my test results reflect my weight. In 06 I weighed 30 lbs less than I do now. After my mom died in o6 I gained weight and now I’m on my way back. I plan to never ever go above those normal levels again. My doctor advised me to get Vitamin D checked . That is result isn’t back yet. I haven’t had that done before but vit d can hang out in our fat cells and not be useful. I see that diet and exercise really can work! Yeah me!

Name Standard range 6/30/2006 11/10/2007 6/30/2011
Glucose, fasting 60-99 mg/dL 93 103 97

Feeling Better ! I will not let anxiety get me down.

I eventually fell asleep not before driving myself crazy. Its been a long time since I felt like that! I do realize I’ve got a lot of stuff going on and I have feuded with my sister all weekend. She will suck the life out of you if you let her. That’s the key. I will be limiting my relationship with her . It has become all stress. I went to see my Doctor. She’s only across the hall.  I wanted to have anti-anxiety meds just to have on hand. I still have 10 expired tabs from years ago. I worked today and actually feel good. I even did weights today. I’ve haven’t decided to take meds tonight . I will see how I feel. I’m fasting for labs in the morning.Cholesterol,lipids,vitamin D &  thryoid stimulating hormone. Just making sure everything is up to snuff. I  haven’t had labs since 07. I don’t like routine labs. I will refuse to go on cholesterol meds. vitamin D and thyroid of course I will do if needed. My last glucose was 103 which is pre-diabetic. I have lost weight since then so we will see what the new results will be. Sometimes the doctor has to get herself taken care of.

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