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Got Garlic?

Is this a food blog or a weight loss blog? It’s hard to say. This is one of my problems . I love to eat! I love to travel . How to do that ,work, lose weight and be a mom is challenging. I took my daughter on our annual summer weekend trip to “The City“. This is the nickname for San Francisco. We live in the burbs about an hour away. This is my second time in a week going to The City to eat. On our mother-daughter trip we spend the night and do tourist stuff. We ride the metro to get around. My husband is from the area and doesn’t find this exciting. We do walk a lot which is great. This trip we did Fisherman Wharf and North Beach. I tortured my child by taking her to The Stinking Rose. She thinks it stinks! I love it! I’m a garlic fanatic. It’s still oozing out of my pores 2 days later. The motto is we season our garlic with food. I ordered Zuppa di Pesce. It’s a tomato based seafood stew. It was awesome. I did break my dairy rule and have a cannoli but we walked two miles to and from the restaurant. I think that was a good trade-off. I know I’d walk more if I lived in a major city. Mmm that’s an idea. If your a foodie San Francisco is the best.


Zuppa di Pesce and a nice Chianti


The Bay Bridge

Walking is Great!


I miss walking. I grew up in a large city and I’m used to walking. It makes me feel good! It gives me energy. I don’t use it as my main source of exercise . Walking is like extra exercise. When I was in Washington DC on a recent trip we walked everywhere . It bought back lots of memories. Growing up I walked from Balboa Street to the Watertower. Lake Michigan was a favorite. I live in the burbs now and walking isn’t as easy or fun. I do have a 1 mile walking area in my neighborhood but after 11 years its boring. I need a destination. When I lived in the city destinations were many ,but now I’m lucky if its paved. I guess Its kind of like hiking but it doesn’t feel as safe.  I could alway drive to a more pleasant area but that defeats the purpose of walking. Oh well I just need to get over it and get my walk on.  Do you like to walk?

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