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To Weigh Or Not To Weigh

How often should you weigh yourself? This is a difficult thing to answer. I used to be afraid of the scale. It took to me years say it’s ok to weigh my self daily. In the past I could never get the hang of it. I would weigh myself and see the scale go up or not budge and I would get frustrated. I would binge or say it’s not working so I might as well give up. We can see there is a problem with that!
I’ve read  the articles. Don’t weigh your self. Measure yourself . See how your clothes are fitting. That wasn’t doing it for me. I need to see some numbers go down.
It took me time to realize It’s ok to weigh yourself daily. I weigh myself buck naked in the morning after I pee;). Why weigh yourself daily ? It just helps me figure out how accurate my numbers really are. It also just helps me stay focused. I finally figured out if the scale doesn’t budge or OMG goes up! It’s ok. I will not give up. I will just check my food log and see simple things like wow I had too much salt yesterday. Holy cow did I go over my calories that much. I even noticed around that time of the month it’s a little higher.
I don’t record every weight I record it once a week either Friday or Saturday morning depending on the one I like better. I think the day of the week is important. I used to do it on Sunday or Monday mornings. That didn’t always work well. I often get too much salt or alcohol . Weighing myself before the weekend actually helps me do better with eating on the weekend. When I see the scale go down. I don’t want to mess those numbers up.
So don’t let the scale rule you but use it as a guide to help you. I’m not afraid if the scale anymore. Bring it on!

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