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fitbloggin ! Wow

This is all new to me! I never thought of really doing a blog until my friend stared his. I still didn’t do it until Jeff on Fat2fitradio.com assigned it as homework. I’ve found lots of info and other bloggers like me in the past month. I had know idea it was such a big thing that they even have a conference. I saw on a DailyBurn facebook post Fitbloggin’11. It’s in Baltimore this weekend. If I only knew earlier it would have ben fun to go too. Some people even do this and quit there day jobs. I’m not doing this for  that reason but one day who knows. Well I missed the conference but I’m going to check out some intresting blogs. I’ll have to check out yumyucky.com and fatgirlscanrun.com. I like the personal blogs better than the big community forums. Fitbloggin’12 I’m there! Wait! I’m missing Blogher food too!  It’s in Atlanta this weekend. Omg, I’ve been under a rock or just a really busy working mom:)

Help! So Many Apps To Choose From

I am a Iphone addict. My daughter cheers when I can’t find it. I use it for everything, so lets see how its going to help me to lose weight. There are way to many apps to choose from. I usually pick from staff favorites. I use apps to log food, exercise, grocery shop and even to blog. I have several favorites.

  • Livestrong – this is my favorite app for logging my food. It lets you log on the app and links to the web page. You can look up food as well as add your own recipes. I can track my weight, workouts and calories. Other good ones in this category are Sparkpeople and Dailyburn.
  • Fooducate- This is the best app. It lets you scan food and then it grades it. It educates you on strange ingredients and gives you healthier alternatives. Its goal is to guide you in picking unprocessed healthy foods. They have a great blog as well.
  • Nike + GPS- This helps you track your running or walking. It tells you how far you’ve walked,the time per mile and estimated calories burned. I love the verbal cues.
  • Happiness-(HPY) This is a meditation app. It helps me relax. This has helped me reduce my stress level tremendously

These are just a few of my favorite apps. I look forward to trying many more. Let me know your faves!

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