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Breakfast is Awesome! What do you eat?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets me going. It keeps me on track. I’ve always ate breakfast just not a healthy breakfast. I’ve never been one to skip meals. I tell my teenage patients. You need protein and carbs. Not just a donut. I do a whole grain, protein, veggie and or fruit for each main meal of the day. I mix egg white powder in my oatmeal and add honey. See myfitness pal log below. I forgot to add my blueberries. What do you eat? Tell me. Send pictures!!!




I’m a new convert to oatmeal. It was  always too sweet or bland. I like meat and eggs for breakfast but decided to try it again. I tried several quick cooking brands but too  they were too sweet or  had that artificial sweeter taste. I don’t do artificial sweeteners. I tried McCann’s quick cooking and it’s great. It’s just oats and nothing else. It takes 2 minutes in the microwave. I wanted to add more protein so I decided to add Just Whites egg white power. I add 4 tsp to half cup oatmeal , then add 1 cup milk and 1 tsp honey. I microwave for two minutes and it’s piping hot and good. The eggs just make your oatmeal fluffy. I also add cinnamon or espresso powder maybe some raisins or figs. Be creative. This is my new favorite. Protein, whole grains what else could you ask for?  Like Mr Food says try it you’ll like it.

Portion size! So important

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I think I will forever weight or measure my food. I’m just not good at estimating. I’ve done this for months. I think I’ve got a good handle on it. Not! This morning I’m making my Oatmeal. McCann’s Instant Irish Oatmeal. I wasn’t an oatmeal girl but I love it now. All my measuring cups were dirty(I really need to remember to turn on dishwasher) so I used a small cup. For some reason I thought it measured 1/2 a cup. So I made my oatmeal and even though it seemed a lot more than normal. I ate it all! I was raised to be a clean the plate type of girl. I thought, I should check that cup after I ate and was surprised it was 1 cup. Wow double what I thought. So much for estimating. The bad thing was I knew it was too much. I didn’t have to eat the bowl. I’m still working on the clean plate thing. I have no problem at a restaurant but home is a major problem. I like my cooking what can I say. So from now on I might look crazy but I’m using my scale and measuring cups.

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