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Scale Vacation!

I am forced to take a scale vacation!. I’m in lovely Las Vegas and my wonderful timeshare doesn’t have a scale. What am I going to do? I usually weigh myself butt naked in the morning after I pee. I can’t do that for a week. I’m actually really happy about that. Ok ,its only the second day and I may feel different by the end of the week. I like to look at the positive side of things and this could be good for me mentally. I need a scale break. That doesn’t mean I will go on a feeding frenzy. I still need to watch my calories but also enjoy my self.

Staying in a time share can help with that. You can actually rent them now. It’s cheaper than the hotel I usually stay. I love the full kitchen, fridge and washer dryer. I packed Cereal,oatmeal,coffee, nuts and dried fruit in my carry on bag. . The store in the timeshare was great for pick ing up milk ,fresh fruit, and canned tuna. My goal is to have breakfast and snacks. There is a grill at the pool you can use. This will be cool! Did I mention the gym. Ok enough for now time to vacay;)


I lost inches!

Yeah I lost inches! I have had really slow weight loss compared to previous attempts. I’m sure there are several reasons for that. Being over 40 is probably a factor. Whatever the reason is I’m not going to stop. Slow is fine as long as it’s permanent! I didn’t want to lose my motivation. When the scale doesn’t move or in my case goes up that’s easy to do. In the last 3 weeks the scale has gone up 2 lbs & then down resulting in a 1/2 lb loss. I have lost inches. I lost an inch in my chest and hips. The waste didn’t budge but I’ll take progress in any form. I think it’s important not to rely only on the scale. Weight loss is personal and not going to follow the 1-2 lbs a week rule in everyone all the time. Do what works for you but most important don’t give up!!!

Slow weight loss

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Ok the scale isn’t budging again. It did this a few weeks ago then I upped my calories. I lost 3 lbs and now not budging again. I will admit I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my calories. I don’t eat enough or I have a lot left over in the evening. I’ve been told eating in the evening shouldn’t matter but I don’t know. One day I had 50% of my calories left after my afternoon snack. I need to plan my day better. I’ve also decided to see how not focusing on the scale works for me. I took my measurements and pictures. I will compare them with new ones in 2 weeks. I exercise and do weights. I know this can make the scale take a little longer to go down. Initially I was not going to exercise outside of my tai kwon do but I need to get stronger for my tkd. I’m doing Jump kicks this requires more strength. Exercise also keeps me motivated. I can see the changes the weights are making. This blogging thing helps. Writing all this down makes me see the scale isn’t my main goal. I usually would have quit about now. I did this two years ago and quite. It helps to have a goal besides my weight. My black belt is my other goal. I’ll keep you posted on my measurements.

2 lbs Really!!

Did I really gain 2 lbs over night? UGH!  That scale is not going to drive me crazy but it really can affect my mood for he day. Not all is rosy in losing weight land. How did I gain 2 lbs over night? When your only losing a half pound to a pound a week  its frustrating.  Of course my friend tells me he lost 10 lbs this month. So! Why is it taking me 4 months to lose 20? I was almost there. Ok I planned for this. I will not quit or give up. I guess I gave been eating a lot of salt the past two days. I had tequila last night too. Maybe I just need more water. I’ve also gone under my calories for days. I’m not trying to. It’s just hard to get out of that mind-set. I heard this all before on fat 2 fit radio. I actually need to eat more. Listen to show #45. I keep this show permanently in my iPod.  Eating to little will keep you from losing. It could also  be I’m gaining muscle. I’ve added weights more consistently. It could be a lot of things but I probably didn’t gain two pounds of fat over night. We will see in the morning. I’ll keep you posted.


I look at the needle on the scale. Did it really go up?! My other favorite is why isn’t it moving. I hear people talk about losing 10 lbs in a month. How do you do that? I have to remember I’m in it for the long run. I’m not on a fad diet. I’m not just trying to get the needle to go down. At first I planned on just eating healthy and to worry about exercise and doing weights after I lost weight. I thought of going on a fad diet because this process is just to long. I realize those are mistakes of the past. I have to do weights and exercise because I really like doing it and it makes me eat better. I don’t do all that hard work to blow it on a bag of chips. It’s not worth it. Ok I feel better now. Maybe this blog thing will help. The way I have to think about it is its frustrated over the needle on the scale or angry over the needle I will have to use with diabetes if I don’t lose weight. I’ll chose the latter anytime;)

To Weigh Or Not To Weigh

How often should you weigh yourself? This is a difficult thing to answer. I used to be afraid of the scale. It took to me years say it’s ok to weigh my self daily. In the past I could never get the hang of it. I would weigh myself and see the scale go up or not budge and I would get frustrated. I would binge or say it’s not working so I might as well give up. We can see there is a problem with that!
I’ve read  the articles. Don’t weigh your self. Measure yourself . See how your clothes are fitting. That wasn’t doing it for me. I need to see some numbers go down.
It took me time to realize It’s ok to weigh yourself daily. I weigh myself buck naked in the morning after I pee;). Why weigh yourself daily ? It just helps me figure out how accurate my numbers really are. It also just helps me stay focused. I finally figured out if the scale doesn’t budge or OMG goes up! It’s ok. I will not give up. I will just check my food log and see simple things like wow I had too much salt yesterday. Holy cow did I go over my calories that much. I even noticed around that time of the month it’s a little higher.
I don’t record every weight I record it once a week either Friday or Saturday morning depending on the one I like better. I think the day of the week is important. I used to do it on Sunday or Monday mornings. That didn’t always work well. I often get too much salt or alcohol . Weighing myself before the weekend actually helps me do better with eating on the weekend. When I see the scale go down. I don’t want to mess those numbers up.
So don’t let the scale rule you but use it as a guide to help you. I’m not afraid if the scale anymore. Bring it on!

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