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Why am I Losing Weight?

Wow I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. This is surprising! I was sick but I’ve been fine these past 2 weeks, Have I broken my plateau? Is it the kale? I’ve added kale as my new favorite veggie. I’m puzzled!
I’m not counting calories. I’m actually not doing any formal exercise until today. I have been remodeling a bedroom last week and working like crazy this week. Why do I lose weight when I’m not trying but have a hard time when I’m trying too? I think I will never know! I’ll just keep eating healthy and exercising.

Farmers Market Bounty


I love the farmers market. I like to go early and park a few blocks away. I bring my kart and get little walking in. So many veggies & fruits to choose from. Sometimes I go overboard but I feel like cooking this week.
Eggplant – Baba Ganoush
Berries- eat fresh & mix with yogurt for smoothies
Cauliflower – my daughter’s favorite
Kale – kale chips & any thing else I can think of
What do you like from the farmers market?

Kale My New Crave!


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I’ve been a spinach and okra girl lately but I have to change it up so I won’t get bored. I bought Kale and I’m loving it! I never really ate it growing up. I’m used to turnip and mustard greens. I put in my omelet for breakfast, I ate for lunch with brown rice and chicken apple sausage. Dinner kale sauteed in a tsp coconut oil with garlic and cayenne pepper,grilled chicken breast and sweet potato. I’ve also seen some great recipes for green smoothies and Kale chips. I tried store bought kale chips and they were gross. Fresh is the best. I like that Kale  has a peppery taste. It goes good with garlic and of course my favorite red pepper. Whats your favorite kale recipe?

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