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Ok ,I do actually share my diet and exercise changes with people in person. RARELY:) Yesterday ,I shared my recent food diary with a friend of mine who is a body builder. I don’t want to be a body builder but my goal not only includes losing weight but losing fat and increasing muscle. I am training to be a black belt in tai kwon do. I need muscle to do those jump kicks! My main meals were ok but snacks definitely needs to improve. I actually know these things but it helps when someone points them out. Lets start with the yogurt. Blueberry Chobani not the best choice. It is better than just fat free yoplait but if I want the best plain greek yogurt is better. Ditch the Kind bar too much sugar. I realized that after I bought it. I can make my own snacks with nuts and fruit. Dang there goes that menu planning again. Skip the cheese has lots of salt and I get can get calcium from other sources. The crackers should be replaced with veggie sticks . Same thing salt and carbs. I’m getting cabs with main meals. Natural carbs such as fruits are better. Stop the muscle milk. If I want to do protein powder there are better sources according to my friend. I won’t mention which because I want to look more into that. It does help to share. I will see how these changes work for me.

Bmr? I’m puzzled

Ok I get that I need to know my bmr to figure out how many calories I need. Lots of web sites have Bmr calculators. My problem is figuring out my activity level. I know I’m not sedentary but am I active or light active. I’m on my feet daily but sit at my desk at times. I don’t want to add my exercise calories I want to do that separate. On myfittnesspal.com it gives examples of a nurse or mailman. If I was a nurse it would be 1550 or something like that, a mailman 1700 something. I’m a doctor. I think I move more that my nurse because I work in an office. I have patients scheduled all the time. If I was hospital then no I don’t move that much. I get 1800 cals with fat2fitradio bmr calculator. How do I know what is right? Help? I wish I had one if those body buggs or fit bitsthings but I wouldn’t use it all the time. I would just want to borrow one. I could do trial & error. I guess that’s what I’m doing now. I was at lower setting and scale slowed. I then increased calories and weight went down again. Now stuck but I admit I haven’t been eating my calories. It’s all so confusing! Help! What ever happened to eat less exercise more. No one ever tells you about the fine line of eating to little or too much. If anyone has good ideas let me know 😉

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