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Sprouts Vs. Trader Joe’s


I love trying new foods. I went to Sprouts Farmers Market. I like the fresh bulk foods. They had every thing from almonds to lentils.The vitamin department is great. It’s like a mini GNC. The rest of the store was nice but lacked variety. I found new products that I haven’t seen at other stores which I love. I’ll review those later when I use them. Overall I think the store was nice but not on a regular basis. As a working mom I need a store that has a variety of foods. I’m looking for convenience. I only have time to shop at one store. I do like their magazine. Trader Joe’s wins this one for me but Sprouts is nice to visit.

Grocery Shopping Is So Much Easier When Your Eating Clean!

Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France.

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I am trying to go to the less processed side when it comes to food.  Clean eating is my new goal. I go to the grocery store more often but I spend much less time in the store.  I go more because I need my fresh fruits and veggies. if I had more time I could live like the French and go to market daily. It is advised to shop the perimeter  of the store and I really do. I even skip whole aisles. I don’t do chips. I no longer spend time reading labels trying to guess the best chip. I don’t need them and if I do I can make them fresh.  Baked sweet potato chips are awesome. I spend little time in the canned food aisle .I buy canned organic tomatoes by the bulk. I stick to fresh or frozen veggies and beans. The frozen aisle is down to veggies and a few select organic bistro meals. Cookie ,soda, bakery  and juice aisles Not ever! I love my new habits. It makes me feel so much better. What is you favorite grocery aisle?

Fresh & Easy


I go to grocery stores just for fun. It’s a habit I picked up from my Mom. We just loved trying new stuff. I decided to go to Fresh & Easy while I’m in Vegas. We have them in California but not near my house. After this visit I realize I like this store. It’s not worth the drive like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. They have their own brands which is cool. I like there ready to eat meals. Eating Well Meals are pretty good. A little heavy on the carb side. I would also add veggies. They are a good starting point for a quick-lunch. I did like the instant brown rice. I picked one with seaweed and sesame. I recommend this store for my niece. She is single and eats fast food a lot. She needs something fresh and easy .
What’s your favorite grocery store?


Variety is the spice of life!


20110525-035707.jpgI like to try new foods. I get bored easily. So I often visit grocery stores out of my area when I can. It may be the same type of food but a new brand. It can taste different. Today I went to Whole Foods. I know whole paycheck. I couldn’t shop here on a regular basis but its nice to once in a while. I live in California and the stores are nice but not as nice as the ones in Vegas. I’ve been a little spoiled. Siggi’s yogurt is absolutely the best! It was on sale today. It’s not greek yogurt but taste even better . Its Icelandic yogurt. The orange ginger has  tiny bits of fresh ginger. MMM! I haven’t tried the kale chips but they look interesting. I love the cheese samples. My daughter won’t go near that department. She says it smells like a thousand stinky feet. She was in school. No problem for me. You can eat lunch there, so I had brown rice spicy salmon sushi.  All in all it was a  fun trip. Now off to try tilapia with fresh fennel for dinner.

I Love Trader Joes

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Trader Joes is my favorite grocery store . Of course I live in a town that doesn’t have one but that’s ok i have 3 within half an hour. Contrary to popular believe it’s not a health food store. It has plenty of healthy food but also has plenty of not do good food.  Its hard to explain why I like Trader Joes until I read their story on their website. They have innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods and not at a whole paycheck kind of price. I like how there is always something new to try. As I stated before you muse be careful and read labels. I will share some of my favorite products on my latest trip.

  • Trader Joe’s Rice Medley – It’s a blend of brown rice ,red rice and black barley . It comes in a microwave bag and is ready in 3 minutes. It taste so good. A good source of whole grains
  • Trade Joe’s Greek Style  Yogurt- great flavors , low in sugar and high in protein. The pomegranate flavor has 13 g carbs, 14 g protein with 110 calories.
  • Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup make sure you get the low sodium.  Great as a soup alone or as a base for many meals last time I was there they made a chicken tortilla soup with it. Did I tell you about the samples
  • Trader Joe’s Chicken Chili LIme Burger great taste for a meal in a flash. I make burgers with green chili and avocado. Only takes 6 minutes to cook from frozen

These are just a few of my favorites. The fresh veggies and fruits are excellent. Prices are cool to. It’s definately worth the trip.

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