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Breakfast in Bed


Ah its Sunday. Time for restoration. Time for my mind and body rest and restore. I love breakfast in bed. I have to make it but its good . Today I decided to remake a local favorite . In San Francisco Joe’s scrabble is ground beef,spinach tomatoes,and onions scrambled with eggs. It is usually served with sour dough bread. I made mine with gimme lean veggie sausage and egg whites. I served mine with Trader Joe’s whole flour tortilla with oats. MMM I think is was better than the original. Much less grease. Grease upsets my stomach. Now for my coffee and the paper. Ah I love Sunday morning’s in bed.

Cooking Dal Today

I like to try new recipes especially from other cultures. I found this spice mix for lentils. It was good but I had to change it up. I will eat it for lunch tomorrow with some ground turkey. It always taste better the next day once the spices settle.


I added sundried tomatoes,spinach and cayenne pepper


Yellow lentils takes about 40 minutes to cook


Lentil soup mix- I found at the local grocery store

Kids Cooking

Ok I’m still on my kids & veggie thing. One way you can get kids to eat veggies is to let them cook them. My daughter loves veggies. She’s learning to cook them. Our favorite way to cook spinach is to sauté fresh spinach in a little low sodium chicken broth. We just add a salt & pepper. I now enlist my daughter to make it. If I’m making just for me. I add sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and scallions. I didn’t eat spinach as a kid but now it’s my go to veggie. You can eat it raw or cooked. I add it to sandwiches, eggs now smoothies. How do you like to your spinach ?


WIAW : What I ate Wednesday

  1. WIAW. I saw this on a few post in the food section so I thought it would be cool to share what I eat today. MMm this will be interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever shared a whole day’s menu. It usually just between me and myself and myfitnesspal.com. I don’t do the public display of my food log. That would probably be a good thing. So let’s get started. This menu was planned last night. I try to plan and get my lunch packed the night before. This keeps me from rushing out the door.

Breakfast : egg white omelet with sun dried tomatoes , spinach & feta . Turkey sausage , whole wheat naan & blueberries. Coffee in car , ginger water

Amazing meal shake : 1/2 banana,almond milk, flax seed oil & amazing meal powder

Lunch tuna, avocado,hard boiled eggs, spinach , sundries tomatoes. – vinegarette , ww naan

afternoon snack

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