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Temptations Lurking at Work!

Work drives me crazy for many reasons. One of the main reasons is food. OMG! You would think it is a health maintenance organization we eat healthy. Not always the case. Lets start with cinnamon buns in the break room this morning. Lunch ,Mr Pickles sandwiches and potato chips. This is the average lunch provided for us during meetings. I forgot the cookies. Afternoon snacks were brownies provided by nurse. Did I mention candy bars by the dollar? We have several candy boxes floating around for school fund-raisers. How can I stay healthy around this? This was just today. I haven’t started on pot luck and pizza parties for meeting goals. It’s not easy. I have learned to say no,thank you. I bring my lunch and my snacks. We do have fruit sometimes but they put salt on it!!   The patients bring gigantic  coffee concoctions. Help me! I just keep saying no but some days its hard.

diet tweeks


Ok ,I do actually share my diet and exercise changes with people in person. RARELY:) Yesterday ,I shared my recent food diary with a friend of mine who is a body builder. I don’t want to be a body builder but my goal not only includes losing weight but losing fat and increasing muscle. I am training to be a black belt in tai kwon do. I need muscle to do those jump kicks! My main meals were ok but snacks definitely needs to improve. I actually know these things but it helps when someone points them out. Lets start with the yogurt. Blueberry Chobani not the best choice. It is better than just fat free yoplait but if I want the best plain greek yogurt is better. Ditch the Kind bar too much sugar. I realized that after I bought it. I can make my own snacks with nuts and fruit. Dang there goes that menu planning again. Skip the cheese has lots of salt and I get can get calcium from other sources. The crackers should be replaced with veggie sticks . Same thing salt and carbs. I’m getting cabs with main meals. Natural carbs such as fruits are better. Stop the muscle milk. If I want to do protein powder there are better sources according to my friend. I won’t mention which because I want to look more into that. It does help to share. I will see how these changes work for me.

Feel Like Binging


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Today would have been a normal binge day. Its friday. Work was busy and frustrating.  Everybody needed something extra. When I stress I want to binge. This would be a day I would have gone out to eat or ordered take out. It would have stated with  large glass of wine and ended with dessert. I usually start planning on my way home. I can still have wine but a small glass. Not my 12 ounce goblet. I can still have snack or dessert but something that fits in my calorie range.  Once I get home ,I still have charts to finish which I can do from home. Oh joy! I finally finish. Now I  can relax and decide I no longer want to binge. I let my family pick dinner. Yeah, they want Taco Bell which I find disgusting.  Good they can feed themselves and  I will eat at home. I still have a craving for snack time . So I  make my new favorite snack. Hot popcorn. Did you know you can pop popcorn in the microwave with a paper bag. I add a tsp hot sesame oil to popcorn kernels and shake. I put in brown paper lunch bag for about 2 minutes. Its great, hot & spicy. Now if my husband didn’t drink the last of the red wine I’ll be happy. Tonight bingeing was easy to control. I know it won’t always be that way but I plan to take  it one day at a time.

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