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Temptations Lurking at Work!

Work drives me crazy for many reasons. One of the main reasons is food. OMG! You would think it is a health maintenance organization we eat healthy. Not always the case. Lets start with cinnamon buns in the break room this morning. Lunch ,Mr Pickles sandwiches and potato chips. This is the average lunch provided for us during meetings. I forgot the cookies. Afternoon snacks were brownies provided by nurse. Did I mention candy bars by the dollar? We have several candy boxes floating around for school fund-raisers. How can I stay healthy around this? This was just today. I haven’t started on pot luck and pizza parties for meeting goals. It’s not easy. I have learned to say no,thank you. I bring my lunch and my snacks. We do have fruit sometimes but they put salt on it!!   The patients bring gigantic  coffee concoctions. Help me! I just keep saying no but some days its hard.

Is Frozen Food Healthy?

I’m trying to stay on track. The sumner weekends are rough! I try to eat healthy on weekends but so many parties and events. I’m even having hard time during the week. This past week I have bought a frozen meal for lunch everyday. I had been making my lunch for a while but these past few weeks I’ve been in the “this us better than nothing role” I know I can make a healthier more satisfying lunch but! That’s the problem no buts. I did it before and I can do it again. Frozen food usually has too much salt and too many carbs. I try to stick to healthy brands with whole grains. Today’s lunch is Kashi Red Curry Chicken. I will probably add a hand full of nuts. I wish I had thrown in a cup or two of spinach. Well tomorrow I will start again. The important part is not give up. Do you have a favorite frozen meal ?



What’s for lunch?


My lunch box cute and functional 🙂


One of my goals to help me lose weight is to bring my lunch. I have bought my lunch every working day since January!!! They say if you do something long enough it’s a habit. Don’t let me fool you into thinking its fresh food daily. It is most of the time. I do keep a few canned soups and frozen meals for days I don’t get to make lunch. Last night was one of those nights. I was tired after TKD and said ok I’ll make it in the morning. Running late this morning and not really excited about my frozen meal. I tell myself “ok don’t bring lunch. Just buy it” I’m ok with that. I get in the car ” maybe I’ll get a Starbucks Bistro Box” I looked at calories yesterday not bad. What if I don’t have time to get to Starbucks ? What if I have a late patient ? I hate being hungry ! I make poor food choices when I’m hungry and rushed. It’s not worth the stress. Something I used to do daily now is just not worth it. I say that is a good change. I grabbed my Organic Bistro frozen meal and called it a day. What are you taking for lunch ?

WIAW : What I ate Wednesday

  1. WIAW. I saw this on a few post in the food section so I thought it would be cool to share what I eat today. MMm this will be interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever shared a whole day’s menu. It usually just between me and myself and myfitnesspal.com. I don’t do the public display of my food log. That would probably be a good thing. So let’s get started. This menu was planned last night. I try to plan and get my lunch packed the night before. This keeps me from rushing out the door.

Breakfast : egg white omelet with sun dried tomatoes , spinach & feta . Turkey sausage , whole wheat naan & blueberries. Coffee in car , ginger water

Amazing meal shake : 1/2 banana,almond milk, flax seed oil & amazing meal powder

Lunch tuna, avocado,hard boiled eggs, spinach , sundries tomatoes. – vinegarette , ww naan

afternoon snack

Planning is the key to weight loss

Ok I’ve been planning my meals or a while. I plan what I will eat for lunch and make it the night before. I have good healthy food available so I can cook a quick and easy meal. Was this really planning? Yes compared to how I used to eat. Grab whatever was local. Hawaiian barbecue is a favorite. I then moved to frozen food. I’d grab a carefully picked frozen meal out the fridge on my way out the door in the morning. That has now changed to making my lunch. I can see I have evolved. That is what is important for life long changes. I can’t ever see running to Hawaiian Barbeque with 10 minutes to spare for lunch. I see how important it is to make baby steps for me. I now need to move to better planning. I have ended up with too many calories at night. I never thought of planning the day. It would be easy to plan if I exercised in the morning but I don’t. That might change eventually but now it’s not working for me. I now plan what I eat the day the night before. Of course I can’t do this every day and things will change but it has helped me stay on track with eating enough calories. I don’t think I could have done this earlier in this journey . I now really want to exercise. Before it was I will probably do this today .I didn’t want to count the calories early . This is tricky.! Now I really need to exercise.  No big I really want to.

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