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I’m Lost!

I’m lost. I hate to join the bandwagon on childhood obesity but It’s crazy. The sad thing is I don’t know what to do about. It. Weight loss is something you have to do for yourself. I can’t make you do it. You have to want to do it or in my case you have to want to make your child do it. I had a 278 lb 12 y/o female today. Mom told me they eat healthy and have dieted  but she gained 18 pounds in the past year. I will check labs but I know that only accounts for a few of those pounds not the 100 plus she needs to lose. I am met with excuses constantly. Just today alone. “I can’t make them eat healthy”, “I have a day care and that means I have a lot of  bag snacks around”, “I have too much homework”. “I told them they eat too much” this is from the parent easily weighing 300 pounds. I can offer classes, web sites, a personal health coach nutrition consult but I can’t be the angel on your  shoulder telling you how to raise your kid or what to eat for every meal. I’m trying to lead by example. I have pictures of me exercising with my child in my exam room. I know my weight is a problem and I know why. It’s a constant battle I acknowledge. I admit its not easy but we have to be willing to at least start. I just want my patients  and parents to realize its something they need to really work on.  The future depends on it. Ok I’m done griping.

Is Fish Oil Healthy or Hype?

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We think fish oils are healthy then someone does a study and it’s not? What do you believe? I take fish oil supplements daily. I’ve read from many sources it reduces inflammation. Dr. Greger at NutritionFacts.org say’s we are just filling our bodies with PCB’s and other contaminants. It gets stored in our body fat.  Even the distilled ones are bad. He says get your DHA from algae. Well all the other people say there fish oil is great. Everyone has a study to back their idea. I do get DHA from my amazing grass. Also from chia seeds and flax. That does sound a little safer. I will still take my daily krill oil but won’t double up on it. What do you think? Which source is safer fish or algae?

Eat Well To Feel Well!

It amazes me how people constantly eat junk and then wonder why they feel like crap. As a pediatrician I see teenagers who do not eat healthy. They don’t eat breakfast and wonder why they have headaches in the middle of school. They eat junk and wonder why they gain weight and get constipated.  Don’t drink water and wonder why they are dizzy. I was a teenager once but I never skipped meals. My problem was what I ate. I ate veggies but it was the pizza puffs for lunch and McDonald’s after school that was the problem. Mind you I don’t hear from these kids most of the summer. School starts Monday and this is when the problems will start. I tell kids make your lunch.  “my mom never buy’s anything I like” is the usual response or I don’t like vegetables, They walk in the office with Gatorade‘s and Starbucks in hand. Don’t tell me to talk to the parents. They have even more excuses.  They have too much homework to exercise. I buy healthy stuff they won’t eat it. I have information sheets, links to podcast and nutrition videos. I think it goes in one ear and out the other. Last year I asked my patients to bring me pictures of them exercising. I included pictures of me doing the same. I call it my thrive board.  It’s great. People tell me  friends tell them “I saw you on the wall at the doctor”s office”. This year I’m changing it up. I think I’ll put up pictures of children eating healthy food. I’ll start with my staff. Maybe it will catch on!

Coconut Oil? I’m Confused!

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Ok is it Olive Oil, Coconut oil, butter ? I’m confused. I know we need healthy fats but I am clueless on which is best for what. I generally use Olive Oil in a spray can. I spritz veggies or use in a pan for nonstick. I love to use on salads. When would I use coconut oil? I don’t fry foods. Is it healthy or just the latest fad? I read conflicting views. Use in everything or its loaded in saturated fats and don’t use. I have noticed it in my daughters popcorn oil. We make homemade popcorn it’s so good but will it go with eggs or in a salad? I’m part of the low-fat for weight loss generation so I finally get how fats are healthy . I love avocado and nut butters but this coconut oil thing is puzzling me. I hear you should use organic unrefined coconut oil. This is one of those post that has more questions than answers. Help?

4 years old’s don’t eat vegetables & other stange things I hear at work!

I understand if your child doesn’t eat vegetables. I really don’t, but don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I suggest that your child should be eating vegetables. I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a pediatrician. I see patients birth to 18. I had a mom tell me today when I asked about her child’s diet. “4 y/o’s don’t eat vegetables . Yes they do! I’m not saying they eat every veggie out there but they do eat them. In fact some love them. We recommend you offer them daily. They will eventually eat them. I often ask parents what veggies they eat? “Well I don’t like them either” is often the response. Be a model of good eating habits. Eat them your self.
Another favorite of mine is “all she eats is junk ! “Chips  and cookies”. She’s 5! Who’s buying them? I think if these are the excuses we make for kids then they have no help.  He doesn’t have time to exercise he has to much homework. Wow! Life is never going to get any easier for a kid! What excuses do we make for our selves? I’m not perfect but I’m trying to be done with excuses. I’ve made my share of excuses but its over now. Ok I only calmed down a little from yesterday. I’m not bingeing but I’m not back to my usual cheery self. I will be, just need a few days. Cooking! maybe that will help:)

Breakfast is Awesome! What do you eat?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets me going. It keeps me on track. I’ve always ate breakfast just not a healthy breakfast. I’ve never been one to skip meals. I tell my teenage patients. You need protein and carbs. Not just a donut. I do a whole grain, protein, veggie and or fruit for each main meal of the day. I mix egg white powder in my oatmeal and add honey. See myfitness pal log below. I forgot to add my blueberries. What do you eat? Tell me. Send pictures!!!


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