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Scale Vacation!

I am forced to take a scale vacation!. I’m in lovely Las Vegas and my wonderful timeshare doesn’t have a scale. What am I going to do? I usually weigh myself butt naked in the morning after I pee. I can’t do that for a week. I’m actually really happy about that. Ok ,its only the second day and I may feel different by the end of the week. I like to look at the positive side of things and this could be good for me mentally. I need a scale break. That doesn’t mean I will go on a feeding frenzy. I still need to watch my calories but also enjoy my self.

Staying in a time share can help with that. You can actually rent them now. It’s cheaper than the hotel I usually stay. I love the full kitchen, fridge and washer dryer. I packed Cereal,oatmeal,coffee, nuts and dried fruit in my carry on bag. . The store in the timeshare was great for pick ing up milk ,fresh fruit, and canned tuna. My goal is to have breakfast and snacks. There is a grill at the pool you can use. This will be cool! Did I mention the gym. Ok enough for now time to vacay;)


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