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I Will Not Let Crazy People Make Me Binge!

I am responsible for my feelings. If someone pisses me off I’m usually good for a binge! I’m pissed off big time right now but I’m going to figure out another way to handle this anger. I’m not going to let someone push my buttons. I wish I was pissed off before I went to Tae Kwon Do. I need a punching bag at home. Ok I feel a little better. Maybe now I will blog instead of binge. I’m going to eat my homemade turkey burger and drink my Kombucha Tea. Which is what I planned. Deep breath now;) Does anger make you binge?

Car Accident Wow!!!

We are ok. My daughter,dad and I were driving down the highway ¬†yesterday afternoon and this metal object came flying out of no where. It hit the windshield! We are ok just a little shaken. Glass was everywhere! I thank God my family is ok. I’m glad I had on my glasses.¬†It was coming towards my head but bounced off the windshield. I’m amazed no one else hit it! This usually would be worthy of a binge of something! Cheesecake ,ice cream or vodka are the usual culprits. I settled for wine and a hot bath. I’m a little achy this morning. Probably from bracing so hard but nothing motrin won’t cure. My dad and daughter are doing great. Thank you Jesus for keeping my family safe!


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