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Vending Machine For Wine

Ok this is off the topic of weight loss. Actually maybe not. I think it could be a great way to get my wine on and save on calories. It a wine tasting vending machine. I was at the M resort in Vegas. It’s on the far end of the Las Vegas Blvd. The restaurant is Veloce Cibo. We did Sushi and wine. That is a favorite combo of mine. They have these vending machines for wine. Its cool! You use a prepaid card and just put it in machine and it dispenses 1-3 oz pours. Its chilled to the perfect temp. The bar we were at had 25 types of wine. Red ,white and sake. They have one down stairs that has 160 wines. It’s a good way to taste different wines without drinking a whole glass. I will say I felt like crap this morning. I have stayed away from alcohol recently. Even wine. I think that and the heat yesterday left me dehydrated this morning. Live and learn. I had a great time. The wine vending machine is the bomb as long as you don’t go overboard .


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