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What’s for lunch?


My lunch box cute and functional ūüôā


One of my goals to help me lose weight is to bring my lunch. I have bought my lunch every working day since January!!! They say if you do something long enough it’s a habit. Don’t let me fool you into thinking its fresh food daily. It is most of the time. I do keep a few canned soups and frozen meals for days I don’t get to make lunch. Last night was one of those nights. I was tired after TKD and said ok I’ll make it in the morning. Running late this morning and not really excited about my frozen meal. I tell myself “ok don’t bring lunch. Just buy it” I’m ok with that. I get in the car ” maybe I’ll get a Starbucks Bistro Box” I looked at calories yesterday not bad. What if I don’t have time to get to Starbucks ? What if I have a late patient ? I hate being hungry ! I make poor food choices when I’m hungry and rushed. It’s not worth the stress. Something I used to do daily now is just not worth it. I say that is a good change. I grabbed my Organic Bistro frozen meal and called it a day. What are you taking for lunch ?

Planning is the key to weight loss

Ok I’ve been planning my meals or a while. I plan what I will eat for lunch and make it the night before. I have good healthy food available so I can cook a quick and easy meal. Was this really planning? Yes compared to how I used to eat. Grab whatever was local. Hawaiian barbecue is a favorite. I then moved to frozen food. I’d grab a carefully picked frozen meal out the fridge on my way out the door in the morning. That has now changed to making my lunch. I can see I have evolved. That is what is important for life long changes. I can’t ever see running to Hawaiian Barbeque¬†with 10 minutes to spare for lunch. I see how important it is to make baby steps for me. I now need to move to better planning. I have ended up with too many¬†calories at night. I never thought of planning the day. It would be easy to plan if I exercised in the morning but I don’t. That might change eventually but now it’s not working for me. I now plan what I eat the day the night before. Of course I can’t do this every day and things will change but it has helped me stay on track with eating enough calories. I don’t think I could have done this earlier in this journey . I now really want to exercise. Before it was I¬†will probably do this today .I didn’t want to count the calories early . This is¬†tricky.! Now I really need to exercise. ¬†No big I really want to.

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