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Amazing Meal is Awesome !



I love to share my favorite new foods. Amazing meal by Amazing grass is my new crave. The chocolate infusion feeds my chocolate addiction in a healthy way. For my morning snack at work I mix this with almond milk. It’s great for my post workout meal/ night snack. I’ll add a banana and peanut butter. It fits right into my gluten/ dairy free trial. I know I probably sound like an advertisement but I love new foods. I usually prefer my fruits and veggies  fresh but this is a great way to get in an extra serving or two a day. Like the commercials used to say ” try it you’ll like it”.

Dairy & Gluten Free

I’m thinking of trying dairy and gluten-free. Since I’ve been back from my vacation I have this gas bloating feeling. These symptoms are not new. I just thought it was milk. I know I’m lactose intolerant so I usually try to avoid cheese except feta and I stick to Greek yogurt but not very strict about it. The diet plans I’ve read made me think more about the gluten thing. I have joint pain (but only in weight-bearing areas knees, hips , ankles) gas , bloating, and fatigue. These are all vague symptoms which can be caused by many things. I think the dairy , gluten-free challenge might be worth a try. If it doesn’t help I’ll gradually add back. I don’t believe in restricting food groups. A good challenge should last two weeks. This doesn’t mean I’m going to buy gluten-free stuff. There are lots of gluten-free food that’s healthy. Fruits,veggies, quinoa, brown rice.  I already eat these things so not a problem. I’ve got some planning to do so I won’t start until next week. Anybody on dairy or gluten-free diet.?

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