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The Morning After

Old Bay Seasoning

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It’s the morning after. Great time had by all. My husband made great grilled salmon and did shrimp with Old Bay Seasoning on the grill. We had hot links,potato salad,green salad. When we do a backyard party I leave desserts to my friends. They didn’t disappoint. Dark chocolate cake, red velvet cake,chocolate dipped fruit. Dessert wine. How do I recover from this. I leave for a conference in DC on Friday. I think I’m going to work on maintaining this week. I want to get back on track today but my husband invited half the people back this afternoon;) wish me luck !




It’s to hot to cook! The air is broke at work & it’s seriously 100 degrees outside. I’m not cooking. My family is not liking my summer salad idea. That’s ok. They will have fatty greasy Popeye’s chicken and I will make a great salad with left over BBQ chicken. I did cook Sunday – Wed so I don’t feel bad. Popeye’s does have veggies. I wish I could tell you I’m about to cool off but I have Tae Kwon Do tonight. Testing tomorrow. Stay cool;)

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